Free genealogical online magazine

Wonderful free genealogy magazine online! Irish lives remembered has long been a staple of the Irish genealogy scene, created by Eileen Munnelly of Millennium Media and her team. This free genealogical e-zine has covered a broad swath of Irish genealogical and family history subjects, from sources to research methodology to local and national historical subjects. […]

Irish surnames and genetic genealogy

Attention all McCarthys, O’Connells, O’Sheas, O’Callaghans, O’Keeffes, O’Hegertys, McAuliffes and O’Sullivans In recent years the study of medieval genealogy has been revolutionised by the science of genetic genealogy. This is primarily based on studying the yDNA chromosome and the various rates of change or reproduction mistakes which occur over generations. The y chromosome is the […]

Irish Census Records Part 2

This is a continuation of material covered in an earlier post which may be accessed at The census of 1911. This census is basically the same as that of 1901 but with three additional questions. How many completed years has the present marriage lasted. Total of children born alive within that marriage. How many […]

The Dingle Timeline Project, Co. Kerry

The Dingle Timeline Project, County Kerry   One of the more interesting research projects I have been involved with in recent times is the Dingle History Timeline project. The Dingle Peninsula is the western-most part of Europe, as locals say, ‘the next parish to America’. It is one of the most beautiful and historic parts […]

Irish Census Records, part 1 (part 2 to follow next month)

  Irish census records, part 1 Definition: a census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. It is a regularly occurring and official count of a particular population. The word is of Latin origin; during the Roman Republic, the census was a list that kept track of all adult males fit for military service. […]

Upcoming genealogy event in Cork

An evening of genealogical interest will be held at The Lecture Theatre, Geography Building on Monday, August 17th, from 4.30pm, which will be of interest to the whole UCC community. The genealogy programme is well established at UCC, with our two-year Diploma in Genealogy now recruiting its fourth successive annual intake of evening students. The […]

New Catholic parish register website at the NLI

Catholic parish registers at the NLI Next Wednesday July 8 Taoiseach Enda Kenny will launch the new National Library of Ireland Catholic parish record digitisation website. This fantastic and exciting new project has been two years in the making and full praise is due to the National Library for this initiative, and in particular to […]

Genealogical resources of the National Archives in Dublin

(If you like this blog please ‘like’ me on Facebook) The Irish National Archives descend from the old Public Record Office in the Fourcourts in Dublin, which in turn descend from the Record Tower in Dublin Castle The Record Office in the Fourcourts was the site of the deliberate destruction of the Irish public records […]

Griffith’s Valuation

How to fill in some gaps in missing Irish census records: Griffith’s Valuation Census records are the principal source of genealogical data in modern times. Unfortunately in Ireland almost all census records before 1901 were destroyed at various times, some because of government policy, some as a result of the destruction of the Irish Public […]

Have you Cavan or Leitrim roots? If so this should interest you.

The latest volume of the Irish county history series, on County Cavan, is just published by Geography Publications ( . This contains a chapter by me on the early history of the kingdom of Breifne, more or less the modern counties of Cavan and Leitrim. In it I examine the history of the kingdom down […]